CT Scan

The Siemens Somatom Scope is a Whole Body CT Scanner with fast scanning speed, low dose, and excellent image quality providing a complete range of CT applications. It has many, advanced and newer features such as CARE Dose 4D, IRIS, SureView reconstruction algorithm and Adaptive Signal Boost technology which help reduce dose, reduce noise and significantly improve image quality.

What are the applications of CT Scan?

CT scanning generates cross-sectional images of the human body, which allows Radiologists to evaluate the internal organs in great clinical detail. Any abnormality is easily picked up on a CT Scan. It can also be used to generate 3D reconstructions, volume reconstructedimages etc., which facilitate better understanding for Clinicians. Almost all organs can be scanned with a CT Scanner including:

  • Brain, Orbit, PNS and Neck,
  • Chest, Abdomen & Pelvis,
  • Joints and spine with 3D CT
  • CT Angio: Brain, Carotid, Pulmonary, Aorta, Renal, and Peripheral
  • CT Urogram,
  • Virtual Colonoscopy and Bronchoscopy,
  • Dental CT.
Is CT scanning harmful?

Theoretically, X-rays are capable of causing cell injury and mutations, though the incidence is negligible. Thus, radiographs are performed only when the benefits outweigh the risks. In women who are pregnant, X-rays are avoided as far as possible. At our centre, all the procedures are performed only under the supervision of trained Radiologists.

Kindly, inform the Doctor or the technician if you are pregnant or if you have recently missed your periods.

Which Contrast-dyes are used and when?

Certain special procedures entail usage of contrast media, which improve the visualization of the organ under study. These contrasts/dyes, depending on the procedure, are taken per-orally, via injection or per rectally.

We only use non-ionic intra-venous contrast media for all our procedures, which are much safer than the cheaper ionic contrast media. Our Doctors will explain you in detail before any procedures are performed.

What are the complications?

Few patients may get minor reactions like nausea and rashes on the skin. Sever reactions, though known, are rare in occurrence.

Kindly inform the Doctor if you have had a previous history of Contrast Allergy, Asthma, Renal or Cardiac failure.

Do I need to prepare for the Test?

Carry doctor’s prescription with you while coming for the test. Prior fasting for 4-6 hours is required for certain scans.Kindly enquire while taking an appointment.

You may be required to remove all jewelry and change into a gown provided at our centre before undergoing radiographic tests as all metals and certain types of clothing can produce artifacts on the film.

There should, preferably be an accompanying friend or relative.

How long will the test take?

Usually, the tests take between 15-60 minutes of time depending on the tests. Certain special procedures may take longer time.

When will the reports be ready?

At Proscan Diagnostics, we strive to achieve a short turn around time and provide you with the reports immediately after the test, when possible.

Our aim is to provide you with the reports on the same day. In certain complicated cases, the doctor may take longer and you will be informed accordingly.

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