Tele Radiology
Tele Radiology
What is Teleradiology?

Teleradiology involves electronic transmission of radiological patient images, generated from various modalitieslike Xray, sonography, CT Scan and MRI, from the site of acquisition to the reporting location for the purposes of interpretation.

What are its applications?

Tele-radiology is the solution to address the shortfall in the number of radiologists. It is estimated that the volume of imaging procedures is growing at an annual rate of approximately 15% as against an increase of only 2% in the radiologist population.This is particularly important when a sub-specialist such as a neuroradiologist, musculoskeletal radiologist, body imaging specialist is needed, since these professionals are generally only located in large metropolitan areas working during daytime hours.

Proscan Teleradiology Services

We utilize standard network technologies and specialized software solutions to offer continuous & reliable tele-radiology coverage to various hospitals, clinics and imaging centers during business working hours. We also offer Preliminary Interpretations and Final interpretations to those hospitals and clinical experts that need some extra support either for overflow during busy times, vacation coverage, or to replace the locum.

Our Preliminary Reports include all pertinent findings and a phone call for any critical findings. Teleradiology Final Reports can be provided for emergent and non-emergent studies. Final reports include all findings and require access to prior studies and all relevant patient information for a complete diagnosis. Our radiologists are always available to answer queries, discuss reports and highlight critical findings to the referring physicians.

Why choose Proscan?

Quality reports with sub-specialty access:
Our Highly trained and competent Radiologists provide excellent radiology reporting services. Our Radiologists have sub-specialty experience in Neuroradiology, Musculoskeletal Radiology, Thoracic and Body Imaging, Mammography and Oncoradiology.

Two-Step Reporting with Strict QA:
Each and every study once reported by a Radiologist is verified by another Radiologist colleague to ensure accurate reporting. We also have a strict QA policy to ensure patient safety. If a centre ever receives any issue with the reports, immediate corrective measures are being taken.

Fast Turn Around Time:
Our aim is to keep our turnaround time as low as 30 min.

State-of-the-art technology
We utilize the latest state-of-the-art technology, which assists in generating the best quality reports under effective turn around timings.

Patient Confidentiality:
We respect patient confidentiality and have our systems, policies and procedures in place to protect the privacy of all medical information in all its forms.

Technical Support:
We provide technical support to our clients including system installation, linking facilities and workflow management.

Cost Effective
We help you save on your expenses while maintaining the highest quality of reporting.

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