Color Doppler
What is Color Doppler?

Color Doppler is a non-invasive ultrasound technique, which allows us to evaluate blood flow through blood vessels.

What are its applications?

Color Doppler is very useful in evaluating major blood vessels in the arms, legs, abdomen and the Neck.

Arteries in the neck, arms and legs can be evaluated for narrow areas and plaques.

Veins in the legs, arms and the pelvis can be evaluated for the presence of blood clots, which can cause

Renal Doppler and Transplant Kidney Doppler are used to evaluate Kidney function and to diagnose Renal Artery Stenosis.

Doppler Ultrasound can also be done during pregnancy to check for fetal well-being.

There are many such applications for Doppler Ultrasound.

Test Preparation:

Please call our Helpline to book an appointment to undertake the test

  • Generally, no prior preparation, such as fasting is required.
  • Carry all previous reports if you have undergone the procedure earlier.
  • Carry your doctor’s prescription at the time of the test.
How long will the test take?

Usually, the tests take between 30-60 minutes of time depending on the tests.

When will the reports be ready?

At Proscan Diagnostics, we strive to achieve a short turn around time and provide you with the sonography reports immediately after the test, when possible.

Our aim is to provide you with the reports on the same day. In certain complicated cases, the doctor may take longer and you will be informed accordingly.

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